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Finding Your Fit

Formed in 2010, South Coast Wealth Management grew from the belief that clients deserve institutional-quality investment management that fits their individual needs. To deliver on that commitment, our advisors bring decades of combined experience in the financial services industry.

Client Centered

Our “Wealth Management 2.0” concept was created to express a unique approach to tailored financial solutions that embody varying lifestyles and resources. We believe that our process surpasses traditional wealth management for an experience that’s been unavailable to individuals, businesses, endowments and private foundations.

We strive to continually provide a richer “toolbox,” broaden your investment choices and seek out alternative asset classes that build strength and stability into your portfolio.


Our “Upside Participation and Downside Protection” philosophy grew from years of seeing short-term client investments reap high volatility with little downside protection. With our years of research and our comprehensive asset allocation techniques, the investment products we employ are designed to enhance returns and lower overall volatility.


Our Road Map approach helps us tailor a close and productive relationship with you. And, along the way, we’ll always keep you informed of your progress. The steps of our process include:

  • Discovery interview
  • Life map creation
  • Legacy integration
  • Action meetings
  • Educational briefings
  • Client appreciation events
  • Seamless integration with strategic partners (CPA, attorney, etc.)

Developing a lifelong relationship and integrating your values into your investment program is our highest priority. You’ll always have direct access to our advisory team and feel comfortable knowing that we’re working together to improve your future.

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